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    Do you want all your curtains to look clean & beautiful always? Searching for a reliable and affordable curtain cleaning service provider? If yes then our company is the most appropriate solution for you. We offer an extensive range of curtain cleaning solutions that meets all your unique needs. Our organization fully understands that curtain cleaning treatment can beautify your establishment. The technique required for carrying out curtain & blind cleaning solely depends upon the nature of fabric and stains present on it. Whenever you are searching for affordable, professional and extremely efficient cleaners, then curtain cleaning Melbourne is the best choice for you. We extend highly professional onsite blind cleaning, drapery cleaning, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, and stain removal for almost all types of curtains. Our experts hygienically clean out and also sanitize all items.

    We Provide Same-Day/Emergency Curtain Cleaning

    Whether you require residential or commercial drapery cleaning, our company provides same day service in Melbourne. Our cleaners are capable of maintaining all your blinds and curtains in extremely glowing colours without causing any shrinkage or colour fade. We utilize the latest equipment, most appropriate technology, and eco-friendly cleaning material. Thus there is no need to take the hassle of removing or even sending out your valuables for picking up by cleaners. You can save your valuable time and efforts by simply hiring our cleaning professionals.

    Our onsite professionals will perform cleaning at your home/ business by using the most sophisticated equipment for removing dirt, dust, and even grime. Our crew members treat every project individually and provide you with tailor-made cleaning service on the same day.

    Call us today for booking our most reliable and cost-effective curtain cleaning service. We also provide specialized service on the same day booking too. Give us a call for a free price quote.

    Professional & Realiable Curtain Cleaner in Melbourne

    Our organization employs local, trained, certified, and also insured cleaners. No-chemical curtain cleaning is performed. It is done through the utilization of eco-friendly products to keep you and the environment fully safe. Our experts clean and also restore all your window coverings like blinds, draperies and also curtains to a high level of perfection. Our professionals are aware of all tactics that can be utilized for making your window coverings clean and look brand new once again. Our cleaners possess high-end expertise in onsite curtain steam, dry cleaning, and even drape cleaning. The extent of the overall life of curtains and make it look completely new.

    Make your curtains look like new again with our extraordinary service

    Our local technicians are equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and skills for carrying cleaning work to a high level of perfection. The goal of curtain cleaning Melbourne is to become the most preferred choice for all your residential and commercial requirements. It is affordability, reliability, and best quality work that has made us one of the most preferred choices among consumers for curtain cleaning. We have developed an extremely remarkable reputation of providing top quality and prompt service that best meets all the precise needs of customers on board. Thus our experts will surely leave all your curtains looking brighter, softer and even 100% dust-free. Our drapery cleaning professionals will leave all your windows smelling fresh and at the same time looking new again.

    Our Curtain Cleaning Process

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    What makes us different from competitors?

    We provide the most reliable & affordable curtain cleaning service

    Our curtain cleaning Melbourne Company stands out among rest as it renders tailored advice and personalized service to every client. Since it is the curtain & drapery itself that saves your home and even furniture from external dust & allergens, thus our cleaners will leave your curtains brighter, softer, and fully dust-free. You don’t have to do anything while our technician’s clean curtains in the best possible manner.

    Our experts first assess the material of curtains, place where it lies, and then give cleaning accordingly. The customers can stay rest assured about the state of drapes and curtains after cleaning work. Since we utilize 100% environmentally friendly products, thus it causes no harm to your family members or pets. We clean and completely sanitize curtains right from the place where they are hanging, without causing any sort of discomfort.

    Our specialized services possess the highest quality standards. Our team works as per the client’s wish. Our technician’s takedown and also re-hang all curtains as per your convenience. They effectively eliminate our potential chances of distortion or even shrinkage. Despite the fabric, your curtain is made up of, we guarantee that our professionals will take utmost care of it.

    The number 1 curtain cleaning company in Melbourne is here to offer the most striking deals for both domestic and commercial clients. Just give us a call today and receive a free cost quote for cleaning all your draperies.

    Why Hire Curtain Cleaning Melbourne?

    All our cleaners are local, trained, certified & insured

    • Tailored curtain cleaning methods
    • 100% eco-friendly products
    • Same day service
    • Certified and licensed technicians
    • 24*7 service availability
    • Curtain deodorizing & sanitizing also done
    • No hidden charges involved
    • No color fade/ fabric distortion
    • Promises no shrinkage
    • Best after-service support
    • Friendly customer support service

    Our Testimonials

    Paul Motta

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    Great service from Melbourne Curtain Cleaning.Thanks again


    Keith Horwood

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    They were quick to respond for quotes and scheduling. They did a great job by being on efficient and on time.


    Liana Martin

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    Thank you so much. Very professional, excellent service and great price. Highly recommend this company


    Joy Cotton

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    Highly recommended. Great customer service and great work!


    John Callum

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    The team arrived on time and have done a really thorough job. Nice guys as well.


    Why Need Curtain Cleaning Melbourne Service?

    We make your curtains & drapes clean and 100% spot free

    The curtains & drapes are an undeniable must to all accessories for every house. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of a room, it also acts as air filters that trap dust mites, smoke, and even odour. The curtains protect against dirt, dust, allergens that can trigger out many respiratory ailments if not maintained properly. Thus there is a dire requirement to undertake curtain cleaning tasks regularly for prolonging its life and improving indoor air quality.

    Prolongs the life of your belongings and improve air quality

    The professional cleaning experts help you in making all your curtains & drapes clean, hygienic, thereby saving you & your loved ones from health hazards. Our specialized cleaning service is meant to provide you with the most effective outcome by imparting your curtains a much longer life. At curtain cleaning Melbourne, the widest arrange of service is extended for both residential and offices at an affordable cost.

    Our specialists remove all stubborn stains and blemishes

    Our specialists clean, sanitize, and also hang draperies right from where they are hanging without causing you any sort of discomfort. They also possess expertise in stain removal and surely assist you in removing stubborn stains and all blemishes from all your drapes, blinds, and curtains. Once the stain removal procedure is being initiated, our technicians ensure whether stains have been treated up to the mark or if anything is still left out. We also have the scope to follow the entire process again to make it 100% spot-free.

    We utilize advanced equipment and 100% eco-friendly techniques

    Our extremely popular cleaning service utilizes special and eco-friendly techniques and methods for ensuring your draperies are perfectly cleaned. Our technicians fully ensure that not only dust, dirt but various other contaminants, allergens, microbes get removed from your drapes & curtains.

    Get ready to make your draperies look amazingly beautiful and fresh

    Our experts clean out every single layer; thereby ensuring not even a single contaminant resides there. Apart from performing a thorough cleaning, we assist you in getting rid of all stains making your draperies look amazingly beautiful.

    Leave all your worries of drapery cleaning on our experts

    You can completely trust us for the work and keep all your worries aside as we are top-notch professionals and certainly know very well what we are working with. We certainly own the right tools and skills that facilitate us to clean your curtains, drapes, and blinds in an extremely remarkable manner. Connect to our customer support team today and avail best and highly specialized curtain cleaning services in Melbourne.

    Make your curtains absolutely dirt, dust and stain-free

    The curtains, drapes and blinds get dirty & filthy over a while and it’s not your fault. The unclean curtains not only serve as disgust to the sight but also pose immense health hazards to inhabitants. The obnoxious odour detrimentally affects the aura of the place and imparts a negative impression to your guests. Additionally, it becomes unbearable for family members as well. But now our curtain cleaning Melbourne Company provides you complete freedom from all your dirty, filthy, contaminated and stained draperies. Our experts are capable of injecting a new life to your valuables and make them absolutely dirt, stain-free, and completely healthy.

    Same Day Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

    Are you searching for ways to make your curtains look clean and beautiful always? Our company offers the widest array of cleaning services for fulfilling all your precise needs. So if affordable, reliable, and efficient drapery cleaning is what you require in the Melbourne area, we are the best choice for you.
    Our assortment of services includes:

    • Green & environmental-friendly curtain cleaning service
    • Onsite curtain steam cleaning
    • Anti-allergic treatment procedure
    • Laundry dry cleaning solution
    • Fabric roman blinds and curtain cleaning
    • Deep curtain steam cleaning
    • Both sides curtain dry cleaning
    • Both side onside curtain steam cleaning
    • Refreshing & restoration service
    • Curtain stain cleaning service
    • Blackout drapery cleaning

    Curtain Cleaning Process


    This is the first step in which our cleaners, first of all, assess the condition of your curtains and determine all details that are required for cleaning. This facilitates our cleaners to utilize the most appropriate cleaning tools and technology for loosing up particles that are sticking to your curtains.

    Stain Removal

    In this step, the stain removal is performed. This is done by our experts through the utilization of eco friendly, tried & tested stain removing solutions. We ensure that your curtain fabric is not damaged, discoloured, and yet even most stubborn of stains are being removed in a glance. Also, an added layer of stain protectors is being applied to protect your valuables from future staining.

    Cleaning Treatment Process

    Our team possesses the right tools and resources for performing curtain steam/dry cleaning. During the initial assessment, we determine the cleaning technique that is most appropriate for your curtains. Accordingly, our experts utilize the same for achieving utmost perfection and efficiency. Also, our cleaners make sure that all steaming, corners, linings and even hemlines are fine and do not require repairing.


    The next step is deodorization. It imparts your draperies an extremely fresh and fragrant look. The deodorization of draperies makes your entire home/office smells so good.

    Final inspection

    This is the final step for inspecting to determine whether the cleaning procedure has met our stringent quality standards. Our cleaners continue to work unless and unless they achieve 100% client satisfaction.

    Key benefits of hiring our curtain cleaning Melbourne professionals

    The curtains and even blinds absorb immense dust, dirt, grime, and allergens at the same time. It also gets stained depending upon the exposure site especially in your kitchen & bathrooms. Chimney smoke, cigarette smoke, and pungent de odour is something that frequently gets absorbed around the place and leads to discolouration of draperies over a long period of time.

    These dirty draperies pose immense health hazards. Due to the bulk weight of all stained draperies & blinds, it is extremely tedious to clean it all by yourself at home or business. Also, it becomes bulkier when washed with water. If curtains and drapes in your room are maintained properly, then it will impart a feeling of high-end satisfaction and a warm welcome to all your guests and visitors.

    Draped curtains certainly attract dirt, allergens and it becomes thicker with time as well if not cleaned thoroughly. It may also fade and lose its colour thereby looking dull. This type of environment is not appropriate for the elderly and even asthmatic patients at all as they require a room with clean draperies and carpet.

    We are capable of handling, treating, and cleaning all types of drapes. The advanced equipment and highly effective cleaning solutions will do the best job for all your curtains, blinds, and drapes. Our company believes in extending clients with top quality services. We have already maintained high-end dignity & trust among all our customers. Our organization makes sure that everything goes smoothly and there is nothing at all to lose from our side.

    You can easily book our service within minutes just through call or filling an online request form. Special arrangements have also been made to deliver emergency or same day curtain cleaning service. For booking, just contact us at 03 7018 0765 now.


    Why do I need curtain cleaning Melbourne service?
    It has already been found that even cleanest looking draperies and curtains can have pollutants and microbes imbibed in it. This could lead to serious health hazards to inhabitants of a house. These curtains act as air filters too that absorb airborne dirt, dust, contaminants and bad odour. The conventional cleaning method employed at home is not sufficient to clean it properly. This is the reason why you require a professional curtain cleaning service.

    Do you give a guarantee on your curtain cleaning service?
    Yes, we do. Our organization is completely responsible for the service. We assure you 100% guarantee on our cleaning work. Our cleaners are knowledgeable, well trained, expert, and deliver proven results.

    Are your cleaners able to restore good looks of my curtains?
    Yes, we can prolong the life of your belongings and make them look aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

    How do I make payment?
    The payments have to be made on the same day when curtain cleaning is being carried out. You can make payment either by card or through bank transfer. An invoice will be generated instantly and mailed to you.

    Can I get rid of all stains?
    Our company also offers stain & spot removal service along with regular drapery cleaning jobs.

    How can I book your curtain cleaning service?
    Well, booking for our specialized service is just as simple as a piece of cake. You can either fill out a customer request form on our site or call us directly at a toll-free number. Our dedicated team is available 24*7. So, what are you now waiting for? Just book our exclusive service today.

    Call us now for a free quote!

    You can stay fully rest assured that our cleaners are fast, efficient in service and your draperies will be treated with the utmost care. Our company guarantees you the most visible and also noticeable differences in your curtains once you get it cleaned by our powerful and most sophisticated techniques.

    No matter what kind of curtain/drapery/blinds you already have, our experts will infuse new life in it. Call us today for experiencing our amazing service

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